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What is RTS?

Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS) occurs when an individual struggles with leaving a religion or a set of beliefs that has led to their indoctrination. It often involves the trauma of breaking away from a controlling environment, lifestyle, or religious figure. In some settings the symptoms of religious trauma can be similar to that of complex post-traumatic stress disorder.



Welcome to the Deconversion Therapy Network. Our goal is to provide you with direct and simple resources to therapists who specialize and relate to the experiences surrounding deconverting from religious faiths. The experience of leaving religion is difficult and can cause many different struggles socially, physically, and emotionally. The struggle with some or all of these items can benefit greatly from pragmatic and secular therapy.

Image by Hans Isaacson

Find Your Therapist

Our goal here at The Deconversion Therapy Network is to put you in contact with "therapists that get it" when it comes to deconversion and religious trauma syndrome. Religious Trauma Syndrome or RTS is a relatively new study and all of our therapist have interest in helping individuals suffering with forms of it. We are excited you are here and invite you too to browse our listings to find and contact a therapist that will fit your needs.

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